She’s My Tribe

I had a great meeting yesterday with a friend, family leader, and fellow parent of children with special needs.  It was absolutely wonderful to speak without translation.  I can’t share much of what we said because it would come off as seemingly inappropriate dark humor.  The truth is, if we don’t laugh, we’ll cry.  If I had a dime for every time I said, “No way!! They said that?”  I will share this.  My friend attended a meeting of professionals in the health field who referred to people with disabilities as “the abnormals.”  I have unending patience with people not in the field who don’t necessarily know the best language to choose.  But, come on, “the abnormals?”  My wonderful friend did not have any of the violent non-productive reactions that went through my head.  Instead, she privately spoke to the leader and explained how that offensive language comes across to families.  To their credit, they changed.  She really reminded me of our job to educate anyone we come across when we have the opportunity, and we will only have that opportunity if we don’t respond in anger or frustration. Suffice to say, parents supporting parents is essential and powerful.  Thank-you tribal sister!


8 thoughts on “She’s My Tribe

  1. I’m also a firm believer in the mindset of “If we don’t laugh, we’ll cry.” and well… we would do a lot of crying, and while there is a time and place for that as well, that is not the way to make a change. It takes a lot of time to make that transition from “angry and frustrated” to moving forward with what will really make a difference, and it’s exciting to see when more and more people make that shift (even though I think we all still have a sliver of anger and frustration in us- that’s what fuels the passion in our work sometimes).
    You are such a strong leader yourself, and personally, I’m super excited that you have joined our “tribe” as well, even though it’s one I know we all sometimes just want to run from. It’s different when you live it!!!!
    Glad you guys had a wonderful time yesterday! Those connections are what it’s really about!
    Love to your whole family.


  2. I am horrified. Abnormals???? I have no words for that.

    In other happy and not-ridiculous-who-does-that-news, how about Team Powerthirst!?!?!?! They are kicking arses and taking names!

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