Special Powers

Thanks to Max’s Mom for this brilliant idea.  Having to answer the question, “What’s wrong with your kid?” can evoke lots of different emotions.  For the most part, I enjoy the opportunity to educate people.  The words disability or special needs are at the forefront of conversation.  On a snarky day I may have inside thoughts such as, “Nothing.  What’s wrong with yours?”  Aidan’s disability is clearly visible.  Max’s Mom came up with the great answer, “He has special powers.”  I haven’t tried it yet but I really want to.  I like that idea.  Aidan doesn’t have full control of his muscles and can’t tell us what he’s thinking so who’s to say there isn’t a superhero inside?  If you know Aidan, what do you think his special powers are?

12 thoughts on “Special Powers

  1. His beautiful pale blue eyes and the smile he gives when something tickles his fancy. These are both powers to engage others in his world… to keep us connected with him when verbal communication fails.

  2. His special power is to bring together a community of caring people who long to help him (and his family) by getting him rolling!

  3. Aiden’s special power is the opportunity he gives to everyone he encounters to find the kindness and compassion that often lies deep inside of us untapped. He helps us to look outside of our own selfish world.

  4. He is clearly a Jedi. He can do that Jedi mind trick stuff that makes people want to carry our his wishes without needing to tell them to. I’ve seen multiple people snap to attention when a sweet Aidan gaze was cast their way…

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