Off to the Hospital We Go

So we get to have a big adventure at the hospital next week.  Aidan is going in on Monday for a video EEG.  They check you in on Monday and you get to leave when they’re good and ready to let you go.  (I’m pretty sure they said Portland, not Guantanamo).   Normally 2-5 days.  I’m planning on leaving in 24 hours.  Of course, the last time I said that we stayed for three months.  I’m glad the doctors want to dig deeper and this is certainly no crisis.  Actually, the biggest crisis is that I, with Aidan, will be confined to the hosiptal room the entire time.  No little visits to the trains or fish tanks.  So I’ve compiled a list of how I can pass the time.

1. Hang “Free Aidan” signs out the window and gather a crowd to demand his release.

2. Try out Liam’s new box of pranks on the nurses.  Who wouldn’t want to take a piece of gum from a cutie like Aidan and get squirted in the face?

3. Every time someone walks into the room I’ll say, “We need Dr. Shepherd, stat!”  He is a Mainer, after all, and a neurologist to boot.  Don’t start in on the “he’s not real” business with me.

4. Bust out my new karaoke machine and rock it all night long.

5. Dress Aidan in scrubs and have him diagnose the other kids with his PECS symbols : You are sad/tired/hungry/sick.

Any other suggestions?

5 thoughts on “Off to the Hospital We Go

  1. Play with the Minions and have Aidan make up some symptoms. Then, when the real Doctor comes in, tell them you don’t know what they are talking about. Make sure to start the check out process when you get in there. It takes them all day to let you out once the doctor gives the go ahead. Talk to the VEEG and tell them how annoyed you are that you have to be there and that you want to be out stat. Make sure you press the VEEG button so they watch it. Have Aidan make sure they get a good shot of you. Try to get a room near the helicopter pad. That gives you a few minutes of fun. In Boston it was like a scene in star wars, the helis came in so much. In Maine, not so much. Drool over the Mcdonalds sign below since the hospital food stinks!. Try to see if you can see Mt. Washington if you get a good day. (Bring your binoculors) Most importantly, bring your laptop. They have Wifi now and the security code is yellow. They have not changed the code for 3 years.
    Good luck!!!

  2. The voice of experience – I knew you’d have great suggestions! Here I was dreading being on video but I see how I could really work it, maybe even get on America’s Next Top Suburban Housewife Model! And your helicopter mention gave me an idea – My BFF in Texas could call 911 and say she MUST be rushed by helicopter to Maine Med for whatever ridiculous reason and then I could get a good visit with her. hhmmmm….

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