If You Give a Woman a Crisis

If you give a woman a crisis, she’ll want french toast for dinner.

If you give her french toast for dinner, she may cry with gratitude in front of the waitress.

If she cries in public, she’ll want to dye her hair red.

If she dyes her hair red, she clearly needs some kickin’ tall black boots with 3 inch heels.

If she gets some kickin’ boots, she’ll love her son’s communication device that features sassy language (“Dude, what’d you do that for? Whatever.”).

If she loves the sassy communicator, she’ll need to listen to 80s music really loudly.

If she’s listening to 80s music really loudly, she may sprinkle curry powder on her latte.

If she sprinkles curry powder on her latte, you have a woman in crisis.

Stay tuned for next time when a woman in crisis buys a little red mustang and drives off into the sunset.

9 thoughts on “If You Give a Woman a Crisis

  1. If you ask a woman if she wants chicken on her pasta, she may cry in front of you. And don’t ask her to repeat her drink order. She might not remember it.

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