Open Letter to Bono


I would like to extend an invitation to you and your wife and band to come visit my family anytime. We have so much in common. First, you and my son Aidan wear the same glasses. He wears them because his environment can be overstimulating. I went to see you in concert last year with my friend Amanda. She was overstimulating too so I understand why you need them. My sister wants to see you in concert as well. (I beat her to it, not that it’s a competition though I would have won.) Also, you’re a rock star and Aidan has special powers which is basically the same thing. You have a drummer and Aidan is a drummer, primarily a body percussionist. If that isn’t enough, my husband grew up in the same part of Dublin as your drummer, so we’re practically related. My house is full of Irishmen and you should love that.

Please come visit. We won’t be overstimulating, but bring your glasses anyway. I know you want to be like Aidan.

4 thoughts on “Open Letter to Bono

  1. Should I be proud of being called “overstimulating?” Please apologize to Bono for me, if I seemed a little too enthusiastic at the concert. Check that, I’ll tell him when I get to your house. Keep rockin’ the shades, Aidan! You too, Bono!

  2. I have a feeling we’ll have a bit of a crowd when he comes over. And Amanda, overstimulating totally worked for me that evening so I won’t complain. I’ll keep you posted on his RSVP.

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