Dear Dynavox

Dear Dynavox,

Thank-you for being first. I know that like any good mother, you did all the hard behind the scenes work. Then in swoops Fun Daddy, the ipad, and gets all the love. And, like any good mother, I know you will continue to work hard to make life better and not worry about getting credit. I love that you have so many choices. My pictures can come in individual little boxes or as part of a bigger scene. My pictures can move or be still. You even have a fabulous screen cover to make it easier to only focus on a certain number of pictures. Your best quality is the super person who comes with you to explain everything so I don’t have to read the big fat manual. I really love that it took me under three minutes to find the farting button. Not the, “Excuse me for farting,” or “I need to fart.” Just the word “fart” and a sound that brings unending giggles in this house full of boys.

And because I’m forcing myself into this new positive frame of mind, I will not say anything negative like, “How come you’re so dang expensive? Really.” or “You do realize you could stand to loose a little weight, right?” and definitely not the super snarky, “What good is a PC without an app store?” You’ll hear none of that from me because I’m sure in your extensive vocabulary you have the phrases, “Don’t take that tone with me.” or “Don’t be such a Mac snob.” or simply, “Stop being negative.” And you’d have those funny looking bald people shaking their fingers at me on those pictures. No, I choose to appreciate you today while everyone is celebrating the release of the new ipad. Like any good mother of a child with special powers, I appreciate a trailblazer.

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