Apples and not Apples

I just wanted one thing to be easy. I’ve been eagerly waiting for our trial ipad with Proloquo2go on it. I was ready to pledge my undying love once again to a Mac product. I want Aidan to have a voice like all those other kids on youtube. We’ve been using a Dynovox, which has been somewhat confusing but has great potential. I thought I’d be comparing apples to apples, but these devices are so different, which just makes my choice harder.

1. As a cause/effect tool that will keep Aidan visually engaged and teach him how to touch the screen, hands down ipad is the winner. The options at the app store are abundant and the graphics as interesting or simplistic as desired. The only hard part would be deciding which farting drumming app to download.

2. For engaging peers and to enhance the “coolness” factor, again, hands down the ipad wins. Aidan already uses the ipad at school with his friends. Anything to keep kids with disabilities included with their classmates is so important. Our school will be full of ipads for neuro-typical kids soon. And let’s face it, we all swallowed the pill with these commercials: (swallow the pill JP, you know you want to.)

3. As far as being the better communication devise, which is really what I was in the market for, the verdict is still out. Proloqou2go doesn’t have a vast symbol selection, like Dynavox. However, you can download any image available or use a photo. While it’s super easy to program, it doesn’t seem to have as many programming options as Dynavox. And to both devices I say, “Why do you speak like a robot?” My non-verbal child, who is already so different from everyone else, should not have to sound like that. The technology for better voices is out there and everyone knows these robot voices are like a hideous punishment to our children. Fix it, someone, please just do it. Because I need just one thing to be easy.

3 thoughts on “Apples and not Apples

  1. Jen – This voice is certainly better. We have the DynaVox Maestro which doesn’t use Loquendo. We also tried the Tango and while it was the wrong fit for Aidan, the voices were fabulous because they were recorded human voices. I know most devices can record but it’s so nice when that feature is just build in and when you can choose a little boy’s voice. Thanks for sharing this.

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