Who Wore Blue?

We wore blue and so did:
Awesome Yale nurses
Columbus House staff who work with the homeless
Hole in the Wall which serves children with serious illnesses
And many many others. Thank-you for your support everyone. If you have a story to share, please do.

Two bits of housekeeping. First, please vote in the little survey on the right so we can think about Blue Day next year. Every vote counts, for real this time. Second, the Yale nurses have been so encouraging, I’d like to put together a week of medical posts. So, if you are part of the medical world in any way, please email me some questions at teamaidanrocks@aol.com and I will answer them.

3 thoughts on “Who Wore Blue?

  1. The fabulous blue shirt AND the sassy boots. The number of ways this photo warms and inspires me is endless. MISS YOU! xoxo

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