Drinking the Kool-Aid

So we went to the major Children’s Hospital for a 75th opinion on Aidan’s questionable seizures. I have to say it was one of the best doctor’s appointments ever, as far as medical information is concerned. He had highlighted other doctors’ notes and read pieces back to me to check for accuracy. Sounds like a waste of time for the un-initiated. Here’s the thing, there are errors in Aidan’s medical records so this was really helpful for clarity.
He basically said what I’ve come to believe about medicine – we’ll tell you one thing for certain and then we’ll give you 12 shades of gray. Medicine is based on science, I get that. There’s also a good dose of artistic interpretation involved. Hence, the 75 different opinions (ok it’s really only 2 different opinions and 4 different doctors but I’m tired so give me my drama).
Here’s what else I know, at the end of the day, Garreth and I have to make the best possible decision for our son. Getting information from medical professionals is definitely beneficial. In the end, we have to decide what we believe, what we choose to do about it, and what works for our family as a whole. Is the solution worse than the problem? Do we carry on to an 87th opinion? These are questions we as parent have to answer for ourselves. It may sound crazy to some and everyone has different answers. That’s why each journey is different, not wrong or worse, just different.

3 thoughts on “Drinking the Kool-Aid

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