Walking Towards the Big Run

Just six more days until Garreth runs his first 5k. I’m so proud of him. He just bought some new clothes to fit his new body. I’m full on ready to cheer for him. According to Team Powerthirst wife Christie, “Supporting a marathoner is just as exhausting as being a marathoner. I clapped for 4 hours straight, people. And I didn’t even train!” I’m ready to make the sacrifice to pay it forward for a new ride for Miles. We’ve already gotten some donations and there’s still time to go here to make a donation. Miles’ family is down to needing the last $10k for an accessible van.

Garreth’s training and Aidan’s continual progress with walking has got me thinking about how our bodies move. Here’s your thought fo the day – It takes 10,000 steps for a neuro-typical child to get the hang of walking. That’s a lot of hanging on to furniture and falling on your tush. That’s also with your brain doing it’s job.

Now go take a walk and be grateful for the miracle that your body is.

3 thoughts on “Walking Towards the Big Run

  1. We are so excited to finally meet Garreth, and to cheer him on tomorrow as he supports little Miles. What a guy.

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