Thankful Thursday

And thus ends my favorite week in which:

Aidan had a blast at arts and crafts.

Aidan sang with his class. The boys are being Jesus who is saying “No” to the temptations the devil throws at him. Aidan has a “No” sign attached to his hat. He loved it.

Aidan rapped the Lord’s Prayer with the boys. This somehow lead to Liam rapping all of his random thoughts the entire way home.

I LOVE singing and dancing with the kids. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

I got the kids excited about giving to others in Africa.

Our Children’s Director is amazing. She got pelted by marshmallows, doused with water, and dressed up like a zebra with pink hair.

Aidan had an incredible week. It was wonderful to watch him with his classmates. He came home today with his ipad and video of his last day in class. It involved flying potatoes, exploding soda, firecrackers, and a flaming arrow. Of course, our pastor was his teacher. How could it not be GREAT?!

Much for which to be thankful.

5 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Well, well!

    We finally got the flaming arrows in?

    JW and I have been trying to get the pastor to work flaming arrows into a service for a couple of years now. It started with an alternative method to light advent candles, expanded into Advent bonfires, and … well, … I digress. Anyway …

    Great pictures. Looks like much fun was had.

  2. Ken – I’ll fully be expecting more flaming arrows at Christmas time. I figure explosives could be worked in as well. Not sure, with our pastor, why this hasn’t happened yet.

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