Air Show

Liam and I were on a road trip saturday when some planes almost landed on our van. Actually, they were fighter jets and I ducked….in my van…on the road. We pulled over and found ourselves in the middle of a super cool air show. The planes were RIGHT OVER OUR HEADS!!! I’m not kidding. We were amazed at the talent it took to do this kind of choreography at that kind of speed. We were so excited we decided we had to go back as a family the next day. By go back I mean tailgate in the parking lot of Walmart, take the leather seats out of the van, and bring a cooler. That’s how we roll.

This was all in the spirit of not letting Aidan thwart our live life fully ethic. He screams when he hears airplanes in the next country. I think it’s the pitch. Anyway, he was amazing. I have no idea how because Liam and I were traumatized by the planes almost landing on us the day before and had our hands over our ears most of the time. Aidan didn’t cry at all. Go figure. It was really special to be there with my friend who is moving soon. We were the dorks who yelled over and over, “I feel the NEED, the NEED for SPEED!” We also almost injured our brains trying to come up with the Top Gun song. Will it make you crazy if I don’t tell you or can you not believe we forgot “Danger Zone?” Thank-you Goose and Maverick for the memories.

I have to say, this was a top ten event in life. If an air show ever comes near you, get there. We could practically touch those handsome men in uniforms.

4 thoughts on “Air Show

  1. We were in New Castle and could see the planes every now and then from Brad’s parents’ house. Then his dad took us out on his boat to get closer, but we weren’t as close as you. Very cool.

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