Manual or Power? That is the Question.

I hear this is a good problem to have. Aidan will be getting new wheels and can use either a manual or power chair. They are so different and each have pros and cons. To make it harder, Aidan has proven that he’s smart enough to use either one. I didn’t think a power chair would be an option because really, I’m not even looking forward to teaching a 16 year old how to drive, much less a 10 year old with a significant disability. Turns out, Aidan is a better driver than I am.

So walk with me, if you will, through this process and let me know what angle I haven’t yet considered. It’s like trying to look into a crystal ball to decide which he will be able to learn quickest that will be most functional. First let’s consider the manual chair. He’s already destroyed my kitchen with one.

I know this is a short clip and it was cold outside this morning but he persisted.

Pros: It builds his upper body strength. He’s alert and engaged when driving because it requires so much from him. It’s light and easy to transport. It can be used in the house which gives him some independence. When he’s not driving, I can handle driving it.

Cons: It won’t be great on surfaces that aren’t flat and smooth. It takes a lot of work and Aidan may not be able to wheel it independently for long distances. It can be used in the house which means I have to make sure he still gets his walking in.

What am I missing?

Stay tuned for tomorrow when I ponder the power!

2 thoughts on “Manual or Power? That is the Question.

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