Don’t Let the Door Hit You in the Butt 2011

I’m sooo ready to be done with 2011. It was dominated by seizures and my best friend moving far far away and other really yucky relationship stuff. Alas, I am a glass half full person so I would be remiss not to mention that my marriage is fabulous and my kids are pretty darn great as well. So before 2012 brings on its amazingness (although I would happily settle for an average, uneventful year), let’s give a proper goodbye to 2011.

In January we had a little trip to the hospital, which is never really a good way to start the year. We were looking for a conclusive diagnosis on Aidan’s questionable seizures and we got one…and we didn’t like it… and we looked some more…and when we were finally out of denial we entered the world of meds and seizure tracking (and lots of behind the scenes swearing, but you didn’t hear that from me.) There’s a chance I also went a little crazy, then crazier.

Hhmmm….it appears that in February I was still a little crazy in the delusional talking to rock stars kind of way. But the biggest thing about February (quick reminder that this blog originally started as a way to fundraise for our accessible van only seven months beforehand) was that we got our NEW VAN!! The whole community building aspect of that still humbles and amazes me.

In March we started the intensive process of finding the right augmentative communication device for Aidan. Coming from a Mac family, I kept hearing “iPad, iPad, iPad” but I did due diligence because we needed whatever was right for Aidan. Since we didn’t get it in March, I can’t tell you yet what happened.

In April I got either very creative or egotistical and invented Undiagnosed Children’s Day. It’s only real in my head and on this blog but I definitely plan to do it again this year. Here are the fabulous people that joined me last year.

It appears that we finally got Aidan’s iPad in May. And, oh wait, I guess we hadn’t really settled on a seizure diagnosis. I’m even better at denial than I thought.

In June, Garreth payed it forward by running to raise money for another child who needed an accessible van. This was the start of Garreth getting healthy and it was all in the spirit of the gratitude we felt for receiving our van.

Apparently in July we counted seizures over and over and I made the best of it because that’s how I roll.

August totally rocked. I got to play with kids at VBS, which is one of my very favorite events of the summer. We saw a super awesome air show. We also went on the best cousin Evacuation Vacation ever to the Outer Banks (Irene came, hence the evacuation) which I enjoyed way too much to properly blog about. Just believe me, it rocked!

In September we had our best ever Pease Greeter experience where we not only got to greet NATO troops, we got to board their plane.

In October, Aidan got to teach at Yale, because he’s smart like that. It was a wonderful opportunity to speak to the nursing community from a family perspective. Oh, and seizures were still making me bonkers.

This fall we had been trying to decide if Aidan should have a manuel or power wheelchair. I was not entirely confident that he could learn how to drive a power chair. He totally proved me wrong so we decided on a power chair this November and I couldn’t be happier. I even took it out for a spin to see the world in a different way.

We started the year with seizures and we end it with seizures. I’ve come a long way emotionally and feel more in control of an awful situation. This December we decided to take Aidan off of his meds since they weren’t helping anyway and his seizures aren’t dangerous.

So there it is. This has been an interesting time travel experience. I’m looking forward to 2012 which will bring me plenty of material for my Thankful Thursday posts. I hope you’ll join me in making it a great year!

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