Thankful Thursday

This is a special shout out to the Yale nurses who asked, “How do you think Liam is doing as a sibling of a child with a disability?”

We are really mindful are trying to carve out time with Liam. The truth is, Aidan requires a lot of care and there’s no way to hide that. However, he’s part of the family, and to Liam, this is what family looks like.

Liam and I are two peas in a pod. We both get completely lost in our books. We’re both rule followers, though I’m really trying to get this family to bust out, take risks, and live our lives fully. We’re both introverts. Actually, Aidan is the most social person in our family. But at home, there is a fair amount of ridiculousness that reigns here. Liam can often be heard narrating his actions with song or popping on a purple scrunchy for no reason. He’s a funny kid.

Today I’m thankful for Liam and am very pleased to announce his new blog: Drupal Fosmod. Make sure you read the first post because it’s my favorite. Here’s what I think you’ll find here – a very witty and typical kid. If you don’t have tweens in your life, this blog may not make sense to you. I think Liam’s blog answers the Yale nurses question – Liam’s doing just fine.

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