Complaining with the baseball moms that the game is so boring, sitting next to the soccer moms wrapped in blankets because it’s too cold, chatting about the homework our kids have this year and the teachers they may have next year…here I find community.

Walking boldly into the Tavern with my heart heavy from missing my best friend, searching for new friends. These are women I’ve heard to be amazing, though I don’t really know them. I sit myself down and order a Stella. These become my thursday people….here I laugh, talk, listen and yell a little in community.

200 women’s voices joined together, raised in song to promote peace and unity, to sing of joy and justice, to reach across the borders of nations, filling my soul….here I breathe community.

Keeping a list of who will hold my baby in the NICU, kissing him when I can’t be near, whispering words of healing while I play matchbox cars at home with my older son….here I’ve built community.

Sitting in the church pews, finding a place to question, to learn, to chew on truth…here I am loved in community.

Sitting down for coffee with another mom who needs an accessible van, corresponding about IEP meetings, holding a friend’s baby in the NICU, blogging about hospitalizations and wheelchairs….here I live out community.


People are meant to live in relationship with each other, to have an impact, to be part of something. This blog has been one way I’ve tried to surround myself in community. I’m opening it up to your ideas, your stories, your impact. I have several guest writers lined up to share their experiences with community. If you’d like to add  your voice, please email me at  I look forward to hearing your story.

Shared at Joy in the Journey


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