My son Aidan was born perfect in my eyes, God’s masterpiece. He had the softest skin, chubby cheeks, 10 delicious toes. The birth experience was also perfect; he popped out in no time and I had the water birth I had wanted. We snuggled, kissed, and cooed for hours when he arrived….

Today I write my very first guest post. To read more please visit Alise-Write.

If you’re new here read about our life without a diagnosis, and how it effects my marriage, and what I want others to know about my life, and enjoy this little bit of sass.

I hope you’ll join us for our journey.

2 thoughts on “Masterpiece

  1. I loved your post over at Alise’s. My daughter was born perfect, too – and remained that way for 3 whole years. At age 3, she suffered a mysterious brain infection that still has our lives upside down and now we live with chronic moderate developmental delays, epilepsy, and other special needs and no idea what curve lies around the next bend in the road. It is always good to know there’s someone else walking on what often feels like a very lonely road.

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