Seven Snippets about My Week

— 1 —

So if you’ve been paying attention to the news, or the blogosphere, or read my post here, you’ll know there’s a big shown down with Apple and a speech app and an AAC device. Maya’s mom Dana has been keeping track of where this story is being told. Go to her blog to find out where the wildfire is spreading, to understand more about AAC, and to sign the petition.

— 2 —

Here’s one big take-away from that issue – parents defend their kids; parents are making noise;they always have been. The thing is, in disability world it’s just so exhausting. There’s so many ridiculous battles we fight so it’s nice when organizations just step up and do the right thing.

— 3 —

Speaking of fighting battles, I got a collections notice this week, one of those “hey, you haven’t paid this bill in so dang long that we’re not being nice about it anymore.” It was one of Aidan’s medical bills. I’m not negligent and I called every time I received that bill in error. After about 27 bazillions phone calls, all to respectful people who were just doing their jobs, I think it’s straightened out. Big shout out to MaineCare for taking the time to educated me about “balance billing” and helping me through the process. I love it when a state agency does something right, because, you know, they get it wrong plenty.

— 4 —

In thinking about community, I found this great post by the Bloggess about how blogs build community and change lives.

— 5 —

Another great post about community that tells us we’re not alone.

— 6 —

Check out this great article about the paralympics taking place soon after the Olympics in London this summer. Check out the video at the end and get inspired.

— 7 —

And a message that need to be heard…watch all the way to the end.

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