Pain Redeemed – Book Review

I get a little twitchy when people talk about pain, pray to God, and then say everything is great. This book does no such thing. Metzler is brave in her writing. She uses her struggle with infertility and depression to tell the story of human suffering. She recognizes that her pain gives her a beautiful gift in connecting to others.

“And that girl who has never tasted infertility and this girl who has never buried a baby – together we’re not alone. When I reach out from my pain to offer her comfort in hers and when she looks up from hers to comfort me – Satan’s lies are buried in an avalanche of truth and none of us are really alone.”

I love a woman who can be raw and honest and is not afraid to get messy with her faith.

“The truth is that I couldn’t help but rail, “Seriously, God?” It wasn’t a question. It was a scream of protest.”

Metzler shares her anger, hurt, guilt, frustration in a way that allows the reader to see themselves. She draws a unique picture of finding victory in the midst of feeling pain.

This story is not wrapped up in a bow and the only happy ending is that Metlzer continues to grow in her faith while recognizing that pain will always be a part of life.


In one of my favorite posts that she’s written, Metlzer describes how the children in her life birthed motherhood in her.

She blogs at To Live for Him

Find Pain Redeemed by Rachel Metlzer here.

While I did receive a free copy of this ebook for the purpose of review, the opinions are all mine.

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