Community Man

I may have gotten Aidan’s wheelchair totally and completely stuck in the ground at Victoria Arlen’s celebration parade. Fortunately, another mom stopped to ask how she could help. I said, “Well, there was a firetruck in the parade. I really could use some big hunky men in uniforms.” She found someone better…

(cue booming echo-y voice)


A stranger walked over, said hello to us, and addressed Aidan by name. It just so happens he reads my blog, and Aidan’s baby blues are hard to forget. Ok, I realize this makes me sound way more famous then I really am.  Turns out, Community Man also gathered people together to contribute to Aidan’s accessible van last year. He learned about us from the article in our local paper. Here’s the thing about Community Man, he’s a behind the scenes magic maker. When he read about Victoria Arlen he decided she needed a parade. Um, I did too but I didn’t exactly make it happen. Community Man did.

He’s not a politician or local leader or friend of the family.  Community Man lives in Disability World and has benefitted from the kindness of strangers and generosity of community. He gets it, and as result, he looks for people to help and encourage. In this way, we could all be a Super Hero like Community Man.

Except that he did pull Aidan’s wheelchair out of the grass, then lifted a hand to the sky, and with a cape squared firmly over his shoulders flew into the beyond.

Or something like that.

Have you ever met a Super Hero?


*I recognize that Community Man is a super un-sexy name for a Super Hero so help a girl out and leave some better options in the comments section. Also, don’t forget to leave questions for Paralympic Champion Victoria Arlen and her Super Hero Mom. We can build our own little community this way.

7 thoughts on “Community Man

  1. So when Community Man walked away did you notice the wings of an angel shine from his back? I have met many Super Heroes. It is amazing when you listen and truly discover the strengths people have that surround us each and every day. You, Heather, are a Super Hero to many. I know I thrive from the strengths you so passionately display. Yes, I see you as a wonderful Super Hero.

  2. Was channel surfing last night and stumbled upon an old Judy Garland movie from 1963. The summary stated the movie was about disabled children. I was curious to see just how politically incorrect the film would be anticipating several flinching moments. I was SHOCKED. The movie, although not without a few of those, was surprisingly sensitive and progressive for that time! I was expecting “normal” (I hate that word) kids to be protraying the disabled kids but they actually used REAL kids! It was amazing! This is at a time when parents were still hiding their disabled kids. The movie is “A child is waiting” and afterwards a gentleman was interviewd about the film. He is involved in “Inclusion in the Arts” a program working to include ALL abilities, ages, races, into the many aspects of creating film. The entire evening was dedicated to showing films depicting the disabled. This was on TCM (Turner Classic movies) last night.

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