Seven Snippets

— 1 —

Read this beautiful post about a boy with Special Football powers. He has CP and made a touchdown for his team recently. The wonderful part of this story is that the boy is a contributor, an important member of the team.

— 2 —

We all remember how excited I got about the Paralympics this summer, right? How could you NOT be excited. I’ve sent some questions to Victoria Arlen (gold medal swimmer) and her mom. We’ll be hearing from them soon. Well, it’s time to start the countdown  until Sochi and we’ve got just under 500 days to go.

— 3 —

I don’t expect anything unifying or positive come from Ann Coulter so I will not address the issue of her provocative language. However, she sparked some great conversations about the word “retard” and how we all just need to strike it from our language…really…just don’t ever use it again. The Feds aren’t doing it, the State isn’t doing it and next year neither will the medical community be using it. A Special Olympian wrote a beautiful response to her. Do yourself a favor and read it and share it like crazy. This will be the best thing you’ve read all week.

— 4 —

Beth celebrates when her kids poop under the porch because in some strange way it makes them historians. I don’t know, just read her piece. She also managed to write a wonderful piece in the HuffPo about motherhood and balance and unicorns and she didn’t mention bodily functions once, which is slightly disappointing.

— 5 —

Aidan got another time out at school this week for refusing to participate in an activity. Now don’t freak out and think the teacher is horrible because Aidan probably CAN’T do whatever she asked so he doesn’t deserve a time out. Aidan’s teacher knows him well and I trust her. She would err of the side of caution if she had any doubt. But sometimes Aidan communicates oh so clearly and as soon as we let him off the hook for having the cutest blue eyes or for being non-verbal, we devalue his smarty-pants-ness, and in this case, stubbornness. There’s a chance he got both of those things from me.

— 6 —

Sometimes for fun I look at how people find this blog, what search words get them here. Sometimes it’s something strange like “how to make a shagala bagala bracelet”and sometimes it something that makes sense like “EEGs and seizures.” Always, and I mean every time I check, there is some form of “husband is not romantic.” Go ahead and google it. That cracks me up because it’s not totally what this blog is about, even though yes I did write that post, and my husband would probably appreciate being known for some of his more wonderful traits. Anyway, I stand by my words.

— 7 —

November is Epilepsy awareness month. I feel an obligation to talk about it and educate as many people as possible. At the same time, seizures just suck and I’m sick of them. ‘Nuff said. I’m open to creative ideas to raise awareness – a blog link up, resource list, Q+A…someone help me out.

In the meantime, check out this great resource….


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