Sandy in Disability World

The winds are flying around outside and we’ve lost power. I’m a born and raised New Englander and a bit of an anti-generator snob. I can live without power. I can even live without water. I grew up flushing toilets with buckets of water and waiting out storms by a fireplace. And really, how often does a kid need to bathe anyway?

Now I’m the grown up and apparently I’m supposed to prepare for storms. I totally did – I made three loaves of pumpkin chocolate chip bread, a batch of chocolate chip cookies, and some lasagna. According to FaceBook, I did what everyone else was doing. And, ok, Garreth made sure we had propane and blah blah blah whatever.

Several winters ago we had a monsterous ice storm before Christmas and lost power. No problem. Snuggle up in bed with some hot water bottles and hats on our heads. The boys and I passed time playing 20 questions.  Then Liam looked at me and asked, “Are Aidan’s lips supposed to be blue?”

Ok- I’m not gonna lie. I freaked out inside and did my best calm mommy impression while trying so hard not to be pulled back to the NICU days of blue lips and apnea monitors. As I smothered Aidan with body heat I wondered, “How the heck can I even get out of my house?” I couldn’t carry him. Aidan was probably 40 stretched pounds of un-coordination and the steps were icy. The lift, of course, doesn’t work without power. Just as I planned to slide down the steps on my butt with Aidan on my lap, the power came back on. The first thing I said when Garreth came home from work was, ‘We’re getting a generator.”

Fast forward to Sandy and we have a generator. As I passed Aidan’s wheelchair tonight, I realized it has enough juice for tomorrow. But after that, if we didn’t have a generator…my boy would literally be stranded, just as Maya would be voiceless. I recognize that there are more serious safety concerns involved in this storm, such as medical equipment and other life saving devices that require power. I guess we never lost power when Aidan was a baby and using oxygen, but many people have to prepare for just that on days like today.

I have so much to be grateful for, abundance even on such a blistery day.

So far we’ve enjoyed a candlelight dinner and way too much dessert. My boys just got a Halloween package from their Nana with lots of light up spiders and pumpkins and such. Liam has assigned each room a guardian creature of light. We played 20 questions of famous people and the boys guessed all of mine instantly as they were mostly paralympians. Aidan is tucked into a bed in our room as I couldn’t bear to leave him alone in his room with loud rattly windows. It’s nice to hunker down together. I’m thinking of declaring a no electricity day maybe twice per month, without the storms.

I’m powering down now as our one hour of generator time is up. How about you? Have you enjoyed family time during the storm?

2 thoughts on “Sandy in Disability World

  1. Love this, Heather! Thanks for the update on your family & how you manage storm prep. Isn’t it funny being on the grown-up end of things? (Um, I just corrected “thongs” to “things.” You’re welcome. That sentence sounded totally different when it ended in thongs.) I grew up in the middle of the jungle with just a few hours of generator power per day. I miss the dark nights & wood stove & battery powered lights, but I’m glad for the access to medical care & grocery stores!

  2. Glad to know y’all kept safe! I have been thinking about everyone out there in the line of Sandy. It was a ferocious storm.

    I love when the power goes out. We make forts and castles and make believe about great, amazing things the street lights never allow us to properly see.

    Stay safe and stay warm. I hope the rain and wind have passed you all by.

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