A Picture’s Worth

It’s a scene that happened all across the world on monday night: A church service of lessons and carols to set the stage for Christmas. After an hour of hearing the familiar Bible story of the birth of Christ and soaking in words of the Peace and Joy of the season, we get to light our candles and sing Silent Night. The familiarity of the words give everyone a moment to reflect, contemplate, and anticipate. It’s all very….serene. Even Aidan got caught up in the beauty of the moment.

Image 1

After having already held him through several seizures during the church service, I was thrilled to have this peaceful moment with him. It’s rare that we get such precious pictures of Aidan, my little angelic boy.

Image 2

My sister took these pictures with her phone. She smiled big when she checked them out so I wanted to see too. I held the flame away from the phone because I’m safe like that.

Then we heard it….tssss….Aidan had extinguished the candle with his fingers.  Aidan’s Dad and Uncle were looking at us with shock and horror on their faces, having witnessed this in slow motion but being too far away to stop it. Fortunately, Aidan had his hands in his mouth so they were wet and kept him from being burned.

Being the remarkably mature, thoughtful, responsible people we are, my sister and I dissolved into fits of inappropriate Silent Night laughter. We could.not.stop. Seriously. I put Aidan’s hand in my mouth because I figured that was healing and would maybe shut me up.

The pictures were totally worth it, right?

So dear readers, if Aidan were verbal, what do you think he would say?


P.S This kind of stuff happens all of the time at Beth’s house.

7 thoughts on “A Picture’s Worth

  1. He would totally say, “That was SO COOL, mom!”, and then laugh at you.
    I have been wondering if you got my email from a bit ago? No worries if you got it and just haven’t had time to respond, I just know that my email filters a lot to the junk file before I ever see it and wanted to be sure you knew I had responded to your email.
    Happy and Healthy New Year to you all!

    • Joanna – yes I got your email with loads of info. Thank you so much. So interesting to have similar stories and doctors. I’ll be in touch with questions when I have them. This shared journey of ours is best done together. Thanks for reaching out.

  2. Great pictures and story. I just looked through your Christmas book of photos and really enjoyed them also. So, how is Garreth doing with his neck and back? How much snow did you get? We got about 3 inches of very wet stuff and I think that will be all. It is above freezing now so hopefully it will melt. It was good having you here. Love, P

  3. I think he would have said “See, I have special powers and can put out the flames with my bare hands! There’s a SuperHuman Being inside of this mild mannered boy.” But, of course, we all knew that already! 😉

  4. Wonderful ! I Think he would say, ‘ well giving me a live flame was probably s bit silly mum, I mean do you not know anything about health and safety ???!!!!……..stuff health and safety I had a ball 😉

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