He’s Famous!!!


This is Liam checking himself out on the cover of Pediatric Nursing Journal. Let me repeat that, HE’S ON THE COVER!!!

Oh wait, not only that, HE WROTE THE EDITORIAL in this edition. My baby is a published author!!! I’m not even jealous because I’m so stinkin’ proud of him.

Liam had the opportunity to write about his experience as Aidan’s brother. It took about six months… really. The truth is, he doesn’t know what he knows. For example, when Aidan was a baby he had a g-tube. During that time, their cousin got tubes in her ears, like most toddlers prone to ear infections. Liam’s response was, “but tubes are for tummies.” It seemed obviously to him that people should know that. It was a challenge for Liam to write this article and think about how his life actually is different from his peers. Disability effects the entire family. I cannot stress that enough. This is Liam’s story. I tell our story a different way because I experience our world from a different perspective. This is Liam’s truth and it will have value for others.

Read the article here. It’s pretty great and that’s my completely unbiased professional opinion.

If you would like to encourage Liam, leave a comment on this post and I will make sure he reads them.

11 thoughts on “He’s Famous!!!

  1. I just read your article Liam and I applaud you for sharing your personal life with Aidan in such a caring and loving way. I hope many others will have an opportunity to read it also, it will give them a much better perspective on life.

  2. This will be copied and shared with my colleagues. A beautiful job writing, incredible insight and an illustration of a brother’s love. Couldn’t have been more perfect. Congratulations!

  3. That’s so awesome! I just wrote a post about how I wonder when JJ will realize his twin is “different” and — according to much of the world — “less than”. I crave hearing from siblings and can’t wait to check it out!

  4. This is so beautiful! I read the article with tears in my eyes the whole time. I wish my little guy had a big brother like Liam to look up to and love. I would love to share a link to your page and Liam’s article in my Seven Snippets this weekend if that’s okay with you.

  5. I work in a skilled nursing facility for children and when I read your editorial I was touched. We talked about it this morning after our clinical status meeting and others were impressed as well by your article. Thank you

  6. This is amazing, thank you for pointing me in the direction of this, I love it. Your son sounds so well-balanced. I always worry that Emma will resent her brother, but I’ve always hoped she’ll head the same way as Liam. Please tell him this article made me cry – but in a good way.

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