The Weight of Love

Written with love for the parents of Hole in the Wall campers

The Weight of Love

Stop for just a moment.

Stop and consider.

Consider what Love has required of you.

Consider and ache and relish and grieve and celebrate.

Love has required much of you.

Some of it came easily and united you with everyone who has ever loved a child.

Your hands tenderly stroking her hair. Your lips kissing each of his piggy toes. Your eyes bearing witness to the miracle of growing up. Your voice singing joy and whispering hope.

And Love broke you open to shatter and bleed. You were set apart, not better than, just apart from. Love required more.

Your hands holding the cold washcloth willing her fever to break. Your lips modeling how delicious medical drinks really are. Your eyes diligently watching for change in his color. Your voice asking the questions, explaining the symptoms, demanding an answer, needing to be heard.

You need to be heard because Love broke you open and compelled you to speak hard truths for your child, with your child, to your child.

Those moments you were sure you had nothing else to give, you found more, didn’t you? Those moments you felt desperately alone, you weren’t really, were you? Because while Love required much of you, Love also placed you gently in the hands of others. Others who have wept and shouted and crumbled, others who were dragged and torn and  crushed, others who have been shattered and made strong to bear this substance of Love.

So stop and consider the heaviness, the lightness, the shared weight of Love.

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