Food For Thought

IMG_1271November 25th 2013 Edition


I’ve been reading some new blogs lately that I wanted to share. First, Mary Evelyn writes about her young son Simeon on her blog What Do You Do, Dear?  Check out this beautiful piece about diversity and this funny piece about hottie doctors. And please read her brilliant take on how to talk to kids with disabilities. I’m learning more about Spina Bifida from her blog and am so encouraged to see such a young boy using a manual chair. Yes! This. Mobility is crucial to development.


Carrie’s blog, What Color is Monday, is new to me as well. She lives in New Hampshire and has a son with Autism. I loved her most recent piece on marriage. Yes, choosing love, she’s clearly my people.


Though not new to me, I want to give a shout out to Stephanie’s blog Lanier Landing. Her son Oliver has failed seizure meds, had two brain surgeries, failed VNS and has finally been selected to take part in the FDA approved trial for medical marijuana at Mass General Hospital. She’ll be blogging about her journey and I know there are many of us wanting to know what happens and hoping for a miracle for Oliver.


So what have you read or written this week?

2 thoughts on “Food For Thought

  1. Thanks for the shout out Heather! I am so glad you mentioned Simeon’s manual chair! Most kids with SB don’t get a chair until they’re 2-years-old. Simeon has had his since he was 11 months. I feel very strongly about getting these kids started early. It makes a world of difference!

    And I so enjoyed that piece from Carrie on marriage. Beautiful.

    • I’ve learned so much from your blog and enjoy reading it. And yes, the mobility piece is huge for me. We waited a long time for Aidan’s chair and had no idea he could really use it but it’s changed his life.

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