You’re Not Alone

Well this is awkward, isn’t it? After writing a post that was shared widely and made quite an impact on people, I’m finding myself with nothing to say.

First I should say welcome to my new readers. Thank-you for joining us on this journey. We all have a story and I’m looking forward to hearing yours. Let’s do this thing called Life together, shall we?

I wrote Wishing Him Gone in hopes that someone else would be set free. And they were, oh my, you were. I read comments here and on FaceBook and in private emails and they were all along the lines of, “Me too.”

I am right there with you. Thank you for sharing this and helping to mend my heart too. – Allison

So raw, so painfully honest and true. I know I’m not the only one.  – Donna

I too cried, beautifully, brutally honest. I feel set free. Thanks for sharing. – Jenny

Been there. Can’t voice it to family and friends… They don’t understand. They would judge. I love my son. But there have been times where the journey has been unbearable. Good days and bad days. And I have learned that’s ok. -Amy

Wow. Just Wow.

I’m honored that people shared themselves so openly with me. If you’re someone who stills carries Bad Mommy Shame and Feels Alone, consider sharing the following posts with the people closest to you.


This Side of the Grass



When Gratitude is Hard

Use them to start a conversation. “What do you think about what she wrote?” “I really get what she’s saying.” “Sounds like we’ve had similar experiences.” If you’re afraid of being judged, let them judge me. I can take it from the safety of my computer screen. Perhaps it will give them a different insight into your life and how to love and support you.

And if nothing else, please hear from me that you’re not alone.


5 thoughts on “You’re Not Alone

  1. Good for you Heather. I assume I shared my story regarding Robert. I have found it is important to let others know this is a common feeling and it doesn’t mean you are a bad person. One mother said to me “they shot horses, don’t they?”. P

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