Run Like The Wind

We are a family that appreciates small accomplishments.

We know what it really means to put one foot in front of the other, to bear weight, to shift weight, to stay balanced, and to keep moving.

Bones working with muscle, body working with brain.

We bear witness to that every day.

We are also a family that knows how to celebrate big accomplishments.

Like me getting up at 5 am.


No joke, me and morning will never be friends.

But the bigger accomplishment is this – Liam ran his first half marathon this weekend. That’s 13.1 miles for those who are counting which is approximately 13 more miles than I can run. It’s both a cumulative celebration and a new beginning for him.

After 15 years of being a dedicated bookworm, Liam found running last year. Something that is truly his own and an activity we’re happy to schedule our days around.

After running Cross Country in the fall (5K), then winter and spring track (800 and one mile events), Liam orginally asked his Uncle Bill to run a 10k with him, wanting to attempt farther distances and build up to a Half. Uncle Bill found a Half near us right on the water and convinced Liam they could do it. (Please note from the picture that it’s so early the sun is barely awake.)

photo 1

A special thank-you to Uncle Bill for thinking big for Liam and taking the time to run with him. Here are Bill’s post run words to Liam:

When you’re in your forties and wondering what your next bucket list thing should be and someone says ‘hey, how about a half marathon?’ You can be all humble-braggy and be like ‘nah, did it already.’

photo 1

Liam started the race with a group of faster runners, mostly by accident. His goal was to finish in under two hours. Being with faster runners pushed him appropriately.

It was so fun to see Liam run. That mix of speed and sweat and pride. To watch this incredible kid that we’ve raised come into his own, to have the opportunity to let Liam take the spotlight for a moment.

Here he is at the 5 mile mark and then finishing at a triumphant 1:41.

photo 2


As a surprise bonus, we got to cheer on Liam’s cross country friend from school. They ran well together this fall, spurring each other on to personal bests and excellent sportsmanship.

Because it was an absolutely beautiful day and we didn’t have Aidan with us, we went out to brunch. Sitting through a meal with no seizures, no spoon throwing or hair pulling was so relaxing even in a busy crowd. Being able to listen, fully and attentively, to my studious quiet boy freely giving us the play by play of his adventure was a gift.

We continued our celebration with selflies:


And silly photos:


And a standing in freezing cold water contest that I totally won.


At every one of my public speaking engagements without fail people ask about Liam. There is a collective assumption that devoting so much time and attention to one sibling puts the other one at risk. Liam and Aidan’s sibling relationship is precious and complicated but I know they are better off for being part of each other’s lives.

I will always look for and find days like today when I can celebrate Liam and let him know how proud I am to be his mom.


While I’m bragging on Liam, I think it bears repeating that he’s a published author. Check out what he wrote for a medical journal HERE.





8 thoughts on “Run Like The Wind

  1. Dear Liam & Uncle Bill,
    Congratulations and job well done! So proud of you both…Bill, you are an inspiration.

    Liam, I hope you are watching “Chariots of Fire” regularly because I believe you, too, will one day run for God and our country at the Olympics.

    The most touching line in the movie:
    “I run for His Glory.”

    God is everywhere in your life, in your Mom & Dad, sweet brother, wonderful uncle; in your heart and in your running shoes. Congratulations, Liam.

    Love, Shivaun
    Palm Desert, California

  2. Congrats to Liam! Nice to see that he’s enjoying running. I remember him as a second grader! From one runner to another, kudos!

    • Oh Karen we absolutely remember you. You were one of the first teachers to push Liam on his writing and look where that’s led. We’re very excited about his accomplishments.

      Thanks for stopping by here!


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