My Son the Magpie

Magpies, crows, and blackbirds have a bad rep. They steal shiny objects and decorate their nests in the spirit of feng shui, I suppose.

Aidan’s wheels are his wings of freedom. He really is a master driver in his manual chair so we just let him set out and go where he wants.

Up until he learned to drive, he would either cry, and I mean all the dang time, or he would have to sit with one of us and be the center of attention.

Now he has the independence to empty drawers, tool around in Liam’s room, put his hand in the sink to find out what’s there (a thousand times gross but three cheers for mobility anyway).

Aidan’s newest accomplishment, trick, feat is to put objects on his lap and wheel them into his shower. Some things he just pushes into the corner, using his wheelchair like a bulldozer. His talker, a ball, my coffee cups, a pizza box, always his red stool.


I’m not sure what to make of this or what his plan is. I could go bonkers at the clutter or be frustrated when my coffee cup ends up broken, or maybe I’ll just get excited that he has a future in Home Decorating.

Are any of you looking for an interior designer with this kind of imagination?


2 thoughts on “My Son the Magpie

  1. Very wonderful. Aidan is impressive and it is fun to hear of him exploring. Yes, how does he select the items to move?

    Pat Jackson Allen


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