Thankful Thursday

The big question when Aidan does any kind of therapy is, “Will it help him in real life”?  Certainly some therapy is simple repetition to teach his brain what to do and build his strength.  However, we always have an end goal in mind.  This week at physical therapy he reached two big goals in walking – independence and functionality.

After several weeks of not having therapy, Aidan usually looses some stamina and needs some time to get back into routine.  Not this time.  He did such a great job that his PT decided we should go on a field trip.  Aidan was just holding one hand of his PT (who had him by a gait belt for safety). We left the clinic and walked downtown to sit on a park bench and watch the cars and people go by.  Aidan thought that was great fun and I was very impressed.  Just a bit farther down the street is the library.  That is super functional in a family of readers.

Watch out world – Aidan is on the move!

Thankful Thursday

And thus ends my favorite week in which:

Aidan had a blast at arts and crafts.

Aidan sang with his class. The boys are being Jesus who is saying “No” to the temptations the devil throws at him. Aidan has a “No” sign attached to his hat. He loved it.

Aidan rapped the Lord’s Prayer with the boys. This somehow lead to Liam rapping all of his random thoughts the entire way home.

I LOVE singing and dancing with the kids. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

I got the kids excited about giving to others in Africa.

Our Children’s Director is amazing. She got pelted by marshmallows, doused with water, and dressed up like a zebra with pink hair.

Aidan had an incredible week. It was wonderful to watch him with his classmates. He came home today with his ipad and video of his last day in class. It involved flying potatoes, exploding soda, firecrackers, and a flaming arrow. Of course, our pastor was his teacher. How could it not be GREAT?!

Much for which to be thankful.

Thankful Thursday

Ok, I’m really excited about this one because this guy wrote the book on gratitude. Really.

It’s not a book of lists. It’s a book of blurbs, funny, simple, and poignant. Some of my favorite awesome things in this book are:

Becoming a regular somewhere (thank-you Portsmouth Tea).
When you learn a new word and start seeing it everywhere (thank-you YaYa Jen for counter-intuitive during a 1am game of Pictionary).
Eating the last piece of anything.
Kicking those clumps of frozen mush off the back of your car’s mud flaps. (Is that weird to enjoy?)

Liam’s favorites were all the ones having to do with bodily functions. Go figure. What I love about this book is that Pasricha began it during a dark time in his life. He forced himself to change his attitude. I began this blog to appreciate my journey in the sometimes stressful world of special needs parenting. My thankful thursdays are purposeful. Slow down and find something, even if it’s the tears on your pillow after an awful week, to appreciate.

Go here for a daily pick me up. If you’re having a really tough time now, take 20 minutes to watch his TED talk here. It’s so worth it.

So tell me, what’s awesome in your life?