The Effects of Epilepsy on the Body:

Effects of Epilepsy on the Body

Diagram courtesy of Healthline.com


Here are a few resources for information about Epilepsy:

Cure Epilepsy has information about research and a list of other resources
The Epilepsy Foundation has lots of information as well

Here are some posts I wrote with some basic information about:
What Epilepsy Is
What Epilepsy Isn’t
Different Kinds of Seizures
Some Available Treatments

These are some friends who wrote guests posts for my Faces of Epilepsy Series:
Dakota – a child with Epilepsy whose mom also had a brother with Epilepsy
Jayla – a young girl with Epilepsy
Tara – a woman and mom with Epilepsy
Trevor – a young boy with Infantile Spasms, make sure you read part two as well
Stephen – a beautiful tribute written by a woman for her adult brother who died from a variety of medical complications
Miles – a young boy with Infantile Spasms and Down Syndrome
Hillary  – a young professional who experiences tonic-clonic seizures
Kelly  – a mom of five
Liam gives the sibling perspective here and here
My very own sweet Aidan
Oh, and me going postal on Epilepsy

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  4. Epilepsy.com and Epilepsy Foundation have merged their web sites. The old EF forums are available but not off the new website. Hoping usable forums come together soonish.

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