Thankful Thursday

It’s the end of September and guess what’s old news….we have an accessible van for Aidan!!! We raised $40K in 7 months. Here’s what you may not have noticed – September was our goal month to get the van and we got it in February. I’m still amazed that it was possible and still very much humbled and grateful that our community came together to make this happen. Our van really has been a life saver. Every now and again I stop and wonder how the heck I’d been lifting Aidan.

So, if you need a quick review go here to read the letter that put the need for a van out there.

Go here and here and here to read some great posts about the community coming together.

Go here to see the videos of Aidan in the community and Aidan getting the van.

So, yes, today I have much to be thankful for.

Miles for Miles

This is why Garreth is running, because every child deserves safe transportation. Aidan has it and Miles needs it. Aidan and Miles shouldn’t have to have their heads bonked every time they get into the van. It’s not too late to make a donation here and write Team Aidan in the subject line. We’re excited to help get Miles rolling!