A Love Song for Insurance

Dear Insurance,

Gosh, we’ve had a really complex relationship over the past few years. It’s hard for me to remember each morning if I love you or hate you. After all, you’ve been very patient with me being so finicky and wanting second opinions. Sometimes a girl just can’t make up her mind, right? But you’ve have moments of stunning stupidity as well. Remember when you said not everyone needs to sleep in a modified bed, and I was all, “Yeah, no duh.”  I got all huffy and tattled on you to Big Brother. Perhaps we should start working on our trust issues.

Then recently you told me that hygiene isn’t medically necessary and I can take my shower chair and shove it. Hygiene not medically necessary? Really? So I just told all of your friends that you don’t wash your hands after you go to the bathroom. And since you’ll clearly be needing brain surgery, I’m going to tell your surgeon not to bother scrubbing in, because, you know, not medically necessary.

Just when I feel like I want to wrap my arms around your little neck, you send me sweet love notes like the one I received today. You’re sending me a shower chair!!! I understand that sometimes you just need time to think through your decisions. Do you know what my people did while you were sitting around…. thinking? They built a house. Yup. That happened. I’m not holding a grudge though because I think you may have mentioned the shower chair is coming with chocolates and roses too.

I’m so excited that I decided to do something nice for you too.  I’ve always thought it was sad that we don’t have a song, so I asked my friend Pink to write one for us. I can do that because my brother opened for her so, no big deal.

I know it’s good times ahead for us.

love, me

(language warning because seizures and insurance make me swear. Also, subscribers will need to click though to blog to view video)


I love Beth Woosley’s BOTH/AND posts, which she mostly does on FaceBook and she invites everyone to chime in so you should totally join her there. They show that life is so very much more than one thing; it’s messy and wonderful and hard and fabulous sometimes all in the same breath. We’re living this truth right now. Aidan is still recovering from surgery, and while he’s thankfully not in pain, he’s still very much immobile. Our house is also under major construction, and while in the end it’ll be amazing, in this moment it’s sheer chaos. I just received this spot-on email from our Fabulous Florida Friend who stole these thoughts right out of my head:

I’m imagining that you are SO grateful for the people working on your house, and making it accessible, and for how community is activated by this project.  BUT I also imagine that sometimes you just want them to all get the heck out and for you to have your house back to yourself.

I’m imagining that you are SO glad that Aidan is doing so well and is off the medicines that made him hallucinate.  BUT I bet you also wish you could just drug him so he’d sleep a full 24 hours and you could pass out. 

I’m imagining that you’re SO glad he’s feeling alright and is chatty and responding to people and environments so well.  BUT I bet you might also want him to shut up a little. 

I’m imagining that you’re SO grateful for each other and that you can’t imagine doing this by yourself.  BUT that you may be getting a little testy with each other and the different ways you have of handling this. 

 I’m imagining that you’re SO grateful that you had the time away to refresh and recharge.  BUT that refreshing and recharged is totally run out and you’re just trying to make it through the day.  I’m imagining that Florida is a distant memory.  And that even the alligators would be a welcome sight right now.


Have you had any BOTH/AND or SOOOOOO/BUT moments recently? Give a shout out in the comments section and make a girl feel a little less crazy.

Six Word Memoir

— 1 —

You’ve heard of the six word memoir, right? Apparently Hemingway was challenged to write a short story in six words. This is what he came up with: For Sale: baby shoes, never worn. It’s so intriguing because you know there’s always a story behind the story, but you can say a lot in six words. Of course there are books now and a blog that’s rather addictive. I came up with a few of my own this week.

— 2 —

Walked through heartache gracefully. Loved fiercely. 

— 3 —

Liked the brogue. Loved the man.

— 4 —

Took time to find words inside.

— 5 — 

Wonder Woman bathing suit or not? 

— 6 —

And this is what my witty teenager came up with almost immediately- Help: these aren’t my real parents.

— 7 —

So, what’s your six word memoir?

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