Word Gets Around

Our stories are important, each and every one of them. I enjoy building community here on the internet and meeting new people.

Here are some places I have been privileged to share my story:

Beth Woolsey – I wrote Broken as part of her Parenting and Imperfection Series

Rachel Held Evans – A hearty Eshet Chayil to my friend raising a child with a cardiac condition

She Loves Magazine – A piece about seizures: Can Love Cover this Fear?

Alise-Write – Regarding Aidan’s birth: God’s Masterpiece

These Broken Vases – More on seizures: The Beast

Momastery – Probably my most brutaly honest piece: Wishing Him Gone

My Walking Walker – Mary Evelyn and I did a blog swap around the topic of mobility: My Walking Walker and her piece on First Wheels and Jetpacks

This is Motherhood Too – I’m living in Disabilty World and the Neuro-typical world at the same time. Here I had the privelege of writing about Liam.

2 thoughts on “Word Gets Around

  1. I’m in tears reading and watching your story. Thank you so much for sharing. I am so amazed at your journey! My niece was recently diagnosed (today!) with the pura gene mutation. It’s been a long fifteen years of fighting for my big sister and her oldest daughter. I am so happy to see other fighters out there like you and your sweet family! I just wanted to reach out and say hello and that you are amazing and see if you would be interested in talking with my sister. You can find her on FB, Jody Gannon Candow. Kameryn is so very similar to to Aidan – sweet, smart, and incredibly amazing!

    • Oh my goodness Jamie, it’s so wonderful to hear from you. Yes, I absolutely want to touch base with your sister. I’ll look for her on FB. And I just noticed she found our private FB group. Thank-you!!!

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