Food for Thought


Food for Thought – October 6, 2014 Edition

Letting Go of Guilty: On Folic Acid and Spina Bifida – Mary Evelyn gets her brave on and repeats my mantra that guilt is overrated.

And even as I write this I am tempted to explain– to give an account to anyone out there who might blame me as much as I once blamed myself. I could tell them about the doctors who assured me that there probably wasenough folic acid in my diet alone, or share with them the articles I’ve read about genetic indicators and multifactorial causes. I could build a case to protect myself.

But I am not writing this for the ones who might blame me.

I am writing this for you..

I am writing this to tell you that you are allowed to let it go.

You are deserving of grace. You are worthy of innocence.

You are not a cautionary tale. This does not have to be your


A Momentous Joyful Finish – The Barn Project – Many of you know that after Jason LaJeunesse finished our home remodel project, he didn’t skip a beat and went right on to help out our friend Miles and his family. This post is their project recap. If you’re in the Seacoast area please consider using these or these local contractors who gave so generously to our projects.

Brain on Fire – by Susannah Cahalan  – Riveting book about the life changing importance of a proper diagnosis and how patients, family members, doctors, and circumstances collide to save a life. Do yourself a favor and read it.

And my favorite photo of the week – Aidan got to see one of his former teachers that he LOVES this weekend:


1 thought on “Food for Thought

  1. Thank you, Heather. You were on my mind this weekend. I love the photo of Aidan and his teacher. Glad you posted it and “Food for Thought.” You keep me thinking positive thoughts…especially, for you and yours. Shivaun

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